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Blazing Star XXL Standoff

The Blazing Star Standoff Sets are designed specifically to work with our Xpwr Giant Scale motor line. They provide a simple and secure way to mount the 35cc-60cc Xpwr motors to a variety of airframes. They may also be used to mount gas engines when the Blazing Star mounts are not long enough for a particular application..

  • Rugged 7075 T6 alloy material.
  • Adjustable design to accommodate a wide range of mounting scenarios.
  • Large rear washer to effectively distribute load.
  • All bolts required for mounting are included (5mm socket head cap bolts).
  • Attractive anodized red finish with Blazing Star and X logos.
  • XXL set adjustable in length from 60mm-83mm (2.375"-3.26")(60mm Base,
  • 12mm, 5mm, 2 x 3mm Spacers)

Select STANDARD for Xpwr 30-40cc applications*
XX-LARGE for Xpwr 60cc applications
* Note: the 3DHS 79" Slick requires the XXL Standoff with the Xpwr 40cc motor