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Extreme Flight EXTRA 300 60" V2, BLUE/ORANGE/WHITE ARF KIT

Extreme Flight EXTRA 300 60" V2, BLUE/ORANGE/WHITE ARF KIT

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60" Extra 300-EXP V2 Orange/Blue/white

The new Extreme Flight V2 Extra 300EXP is here!
Incorporating all of the latest design updates from our most recent releases, this perennial favorite returns loaded with composites, 2 new color schemes and is stronger and lighter!
New updates include a self-aligning stab assembly which greatly simplifies the assembly of the Extra, super strong carbon U-channel landing gear mount, composite laminated plywood and balsa fuselage construction and 2 high visibility standard (non-printed) Oracover color schemes.
The Extra also includes a 63mm Cyclone spinner (Dark Blue with the Blue/Orange Scheme, Red with the Red/Yellow Scheme)!
The Extra can easily be assembled and ready to fly in a single evening session by an experienced modeler.


Wingspan : 1524mm

Length : 1486mm
Wing Area: 45.48 sq dm
Weight : 2270 – 2720g

Power System

Motor : Torque 4016/500 MKII Outrunner
ESC : Airboss 80 / Hobbywing Platinum 100
Prop : Xoar 16 x 7
Battery : 6S 3300- 4000mAh LiPo


Modern 5 channel computer radio


Servos: Qty. 4 metal geared mini servos (Hitec 5245, 7245, KST DS589MG)

Servo Arms

Servo Arms: Qty. 4 Light Weight EF Servo Arms - 1.25"

Servo Extensions

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 15-20cm for ailerons
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 45-50cm for rudder
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 60cm for elevator


More Information

Manufacturer: Extreme Flight

Article reference: EXTRA232V2Y

Brand: Extreme Flight

Kit version: Almost ready to fly

Span: 1530

Plane Type: Aerobatic planes